Essentials Set-Deluxe Mat,Two Blocks,6' Strap(Loop)

Essentials Set-Deluxe Mat,Two Blocks,6' Strap(Loop)


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Essentials Yoga Set - With Deluxe Yoga Mat

Yoga Kit - Essentials with Deluxe Yoga Mat

Set includes deluxe yoga mat, two yoga foam blocks, and yoga stretching strap

Deluxe Yoga Mat: 3/16" High-Tack Foam
Ideal for yoga and pilates. Made of durable, high-tack foam for extra stickiness. Thickness: 3/16". Size: 24" x 68"

Two Foam Yoga Blocks
Ultra light weight and easy to use foam yoga blocks. Provide safety, stability, and support for achieving correct postures. Dimensions: 3" x 6" x 9"

6' Yoga Stretching Strap
Stretch yourself to the limit with our 100% cotton, durable yoga strap with end loops.

Yoga Mat, Stretching Strap, and Foam Blocks Available in Blue or Purple.

Purple Yoga Mat Texture
Navy Blue Deluxe Yoga Mat
Navy Blue

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