Martial Arts Mats

Martial Arts and MMA Mats and Flooring. Great champions work year-round. Our martial arts mats are excellent as a dojo floor or for your studio, club, small room, garage, or even the back yard. Our collection includes practice mats, octagons, interlocking foam tiles, and more.

If you’re looking for mats you can use in gymnasiums, we recommend our practice martial arts floor mats. They’re easy to transport and offer enough room for two people to spar. For kids hoping to join the UFC, opt for the octagon MMA floor mat.

Do you need an option that’s more versatile or customizable? In that case, go with our interlocking floor tiling pieces. All of our martial arts mats offer great grip support and plenty of impact absorption to keep everyone safe. Our martial arts floor pads allow you to work on improving your skills any time of day or year.