Why Daycare Regulations Are Your Friend

Hate or fear them daycare regulations are a necessity. Many of us already feel swamped by our daily tasks, limitless red tape and view the rules as a threat and an inconvenience. Sinking in a sea of bureaucracy we tend to forget that this legislation serves a good end. It has been formulated specifically to protect those who are most at risk in our society.

Daycare regulations, however, really only ensure that the minimum standards of care are being met. Quality, early childcare that is constantly improving and evolving can mean so much more than the rulebook. I like to think of the regulations and my inspection reports as guidelines, tools for updating the service I provide.

I don't view them as a criticism of what I do but as a priceless workbook that inspires and aids me to further improve upon what I am doing. Consider what many companies pay consultants to update their systems, procedures, quality control and effectiveness. We get it all through our daycare regulations and inspections.

Enter my day care and you will find a copy of the daycare regulations posted in several vital, highly visible spots including beside my desk. I make it a golden rule that, following my inspections, the report becomes my constant companion until I have addressed every point raised. Then, the report also gets posted in all those visible hot spots along with a little sticker that reads 'Done'.

In my experience, the 'points' raised in the report tend to be helpful tips towards operating more effectively and safely on day to day issues rather than pointing out major violations. I take these comments on board because they are emanating from highly trained, seasoned experts who see it all on a daily basis - the daycare regulations experts.