Brush & Clean Entry Mat

Lobby mat of a 3-part entry system. Scrapes dirt, absorbs water. Alternating grass/carpet fibers.

Brush & Clean Entry Mat

Item: CM-BC

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Brush and Clean Entry Mat

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  • 3' or 4' wide. Up to 60' long.
Navy Blue
Hunter Green

The Brush & Clean mat is part 2 of our complete, 3-part, mat system to keep your entrances safe & clean!

The 3-part system provides a color matched, coordinated product line for outside entrances, lobbies and inside use. Each product is designed for the heaviest traffic conditions and to meet the demands of your entrance. Of course, this mat can also be used on its own, without including the other 2 parts of this 3-part system.

Sequence Product Usage
Part 1 Brush Loop
Used as a scraper mat outside of your entrance.
Part 2 Brush & Clean
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Used as a scraper and wiper mat in lobbies and vestibules.
Part 3 Clean Loop Used as a wiper mat to complete the cleaning and drying process.
Note: Each mat can be used on its own (3-part system not required)
  • Perfect for lobbies and vestibules on the immediate inside of the entrance
  • Dual cleaning action: dirt scraping grass fibers combined with water absorbing polypropylene fibers - two great functions for the price of one.
  • Loop-pile construction effectively hides dirt below the surface.
  • Holds up in heavy traffic conditions.
Made In The USA
Made in the USA
Scraper Carpet Mat
Scraping Action
Water Absorbent Mat
Water Absorbent
Wear Resistant
Wear Resistant

Fiber Content:  Polypropylene Olefin & Grass
Carpet Weight:  20.2 oz/sq yd
Secondary Backing:  PVC (Vinyl)
Product Weight:  0.66 lb/sf

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