Ballet Bar - Fixed Wall-Mount, Single Barre, 10'-16'

Ballet Bar - Fixed Wall-Mount, Single Barre, 10'-16'



  • Hand sanded wood. Unfinished, Pre-Drilled, 1-3/4" diameter. Bar extends 9" from the wall.
  • No annoying cuffs! Mounting arms screw directly into pre-drilled holes in bars.
  • Available in 10', 14' or 16' standard lengths, as well as custom sizes.
  • Non-adjustable barre comes with one set of fixed wall mounted brackets and one bar with associated mounting hardware.
  • Includes all mounting hardware in chrome, black or white. Made in the USA.


One Wall-Mounted Fixed-Position Ballet Barre - 10', 14', 16', or Custom

One ballet bar with fixed-position wall mounting hardware.

(Ships in 2 Weeks)
(Ships in 2 Weeks)
10' $139 $349 $429
14' $189 $459 $579
16' $199 $519 $639
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Brackets Only (No Bars): See our fixed wall brackets

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Type of Wood:

If you require ballet bars with custom lengths or have special drilling requirements, we have your solution:
  • Custom Length: We can custom manufacture bars to the inch, with a maximum length of 16ft.
  • Pre-Drilled: For standard bar lengths (4', 6', 8', 10', 14', 16'), we automatically pre-drill the mounting holes in the bar. These pre-drilled holes will be spaced apart in multiples of 16" to match standard wall stud spacing, allowing you to attach each mounting bracket directly into a stud to achieve highest install quality.
  • Custom Drilled: All bars can be custom drilled to your exact specifications. You will receive a sign-off sheet on which you can specify the exact drilling locations for your bar. We will then pre-drill perfectly parallel holes to those specifications
  • Not Drilled: If you prefer your bar to be undrilled, we can obviously do that too. Perfect for very custom installations such as pre-existing mirrored walls with existing cutouts. Only drill the holes yourself if you have the proper equipment (drill press with sliding pipe mount) to ensure that all holes are perfectly parallel to each other.

WallMounted Fixed Position Ballet Barre

The Wall Mounted Ballet Bars attach to a wall and come as either height adjustable or non-adjustable (fixed). Ideal for use as a home ballet bar or as ballet studio dance bars.

  • Available in 3 wood species. All three wood ballet bar styles are fairly light in color.
    • Poplar
      • The most common type sold. If you are unsure, get this one.
      • Hand sanded, Unfinished, Pre-Drilled, 1-3/4" diameter.
      • Generally this is the lightest in color of the three type. Grain and color may vary.
      • Smooth to the touch (the smoothest of all three).
    • Maple
      • Hand sanded, Unfinished, Pre-Drilled, 1-3/4" diameter.
      • Generally this is the darkest in color of the three types (but still not particularly dark). Grain and color may vary.
      • Smooth to the touch.
    • Oak
      • Hand sanded, Unfinished, Pre-Drilled, 1-3/4" diameter.
      • Generally this is medium in color of the three types. Grain and color may vary.
      • Still smooth, but not quite as smooth as Poplar or Maple.
Red Oak
White Maple


Mats Made In The USA
Made in the USA

We also offer 4', 6', or 8' standard length, wall mounted ballet barres.

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