The Jade Yoga Mat

All About The Jade Yoga Mat

The practice of Yoga involves movements and needs good surface traction. As these sequences progress, the Yogis sweat and this sweat can lead to a loss of traction which in turn can distract from the exercise as the Yogis begin to concentrate on keeping balance. Using a jade yoga mat is an answer to this.

A jade yoga mat is a wholly natural mat made entirely from natural rubber. For people who sweat a lot during yoga, using these jade yoga mats which are more absorbent and spongy than regular mats would reduce the effect of the sweat which could lead to slipping, because the absorbent surface of the jade yoga mat easily absorbs the sweat giving the yogi continuous traction.

What Are The Major Characteristics Of The Jade Yoga Mat?

The jade yoga mat is sticky and spongy. These features make it easier for the yogi to have a better footing while practicing. Its sponginess is also good for your bones.

Many yogis find the naturalness of the jade yoga mat very satisfying. Being Eco friendly, it helps them keep in touch with nature unlike a synthetic yoga mat.

It is easy to get a jade yoga mat in longer lengths making it ideal for taller yogis. The natural raw materials used in making this mat also make it slightly heavier than the regular yoga mat.

How Do I Care For My Jade Mat?

Caring for your jade mat is so very important. The same features that make it very ideal for people that sweat a lot, also makes it very easy for it to get bacteria infested. To prevent bacteria breeding in these pores, you should clean the mat regularly. You can easily clean it with a Mat Disinfectant. Another product you can use for keeping your jade yoga mat clean is Yoga Mat Cleaning Wipes and you can also find other types of yoga supplies

Another thing about the jade yoga mat is the rubbery smell. Some people find this uncomfortable. Some users have recommended hanging it out to air for sometime before using it, while others have suggested washing it before using it. The important thing we know is that you can get the smell out if it is an issue.

Lastly, you need to handle your jade yoga mat well. If it is handled with proper care, it would last.

The jade yoga mat is totally biodegradable and would totally break down when you are done using it. You can be assured that you are not polluting the environment by using a jade yoga mat.

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It is very important that you go through your routines without distraction. Believe me, as you go through your vinyasa, the last thing you want to worrying about is how slippery your feet feel on the mat. Once you have this covered, you can simply breeze through it.

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