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Affiliate Program

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Do you have a Web site? If so, don't miss this great opportunity for you or your company! You can earn great commissions every month by simply linking to our site. You will be able to earn a commission on any sale we receive resulting from a link from your site to ours. What's even better is if you get other affiliates to join, you will earn additional commissions for any of their sales!

Join the profitable world of e-commerce by joining the Affiliate Program today.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

The Affiliate Program is an easy and exciting way for you to work with to enhance your site and to merchandise products from your site. By simply linking to you can earn generous referral fees and bonuses by having visitors click from your site to to purchase items. handles all of the customer service, fulfillment, shipping, and tracking of sales generated from your site. We provide you with a wide selection of linking options! All you have to do is decide how you want to link to You can link by placing a text link on your site, or you can choose from our selection of banners. You have the option of linking to our home page or any page within our site (for example, if you sell exercise equipment you may want to link directly to our exercise and equipment mats section). No matter how you choose to link to us, you get paid for all sales.

Why Should You Become a Affiliate?

That's easy! Here are some great reasons:

Sales Commission Paid
Sale from Your Site $3
Sale from an Affiliate you Referred $1

Who Can Be a Affiliate?

Anyone with a Website can be an Affiliate! We have Affiliates of all sizes and virtually every area of interest.

Here's how it works and how to get started:

  1. Read the Affiliate Terms & Agreement
  2. Complete the Online Registration Form
  3. Get links from our "Get Link Section" and put them on your website.
  4. Begin earning a $3 commission for any sale we receive from you directly.
  5. Earn $1 from every sale we receive as a result of an affiliate who was referred by you.

It's really that simple. After you complete the online registration form, you'll immediately receive an introductory e-mail that welcomes you to the program and explains how to set up some quick links. After you've been accepted into the program, you'll get access to our members-only area where you can automatically create a variety of links, download graphics, change your account information, and view your earnings reports anytime. You'll have access to everything you need and you'll be able to watch your affiliate progress as it grows.

Join our Affiliate Program